Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Friends,
Thanks to you, we now have sent nearly 1200 emails to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar! Our goal is to reach 5,000. This is an incredible start. As a testament to our collective voice, we now have the support of Senators Dianne Feinstein and Mary Landrieu.If you have any other friends, networks or groups, please pass our message along. Remember, this is a grassroots effort and it is the grassroots vote that makes the difference. Please tell them to take action at http://www.madeleinepicken/ It's been truly amazing to see your extraordinary response. Also, thank you for your personal comments and suggestions. We value your input and will be addressing your questions in the near future. I'm off to Washington, DC on Monday for further talks with Senators and key decision makers. Be on the lookout for updates on our progress with the Bureau of Land Management. I am deeply touched and very grateful for your outstanding passion, and for your courage to speak up on behalf of America's treasured wild horses and burros. We have launched on a path that we can see only to its fruition - a sustainable horse sanctuary for thousands of wild horses and burros.
With gratitude,
Madeleine Pickens
PresidentNational Wild Horse Foundation
P.S. To take action, visit and click Take action now.

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