Saturday, December 6, 2008

I have a heart of concrete.
I can thank Barbaro for this.
I looked at the Animals Angel's newest
expose' of the travesty
of transporting horses to slaughter.

All this agony: before
they are slaughtered alive.
Just a little
horse killer foreplay.

This is the next tape
we will tie the Congress down
and make them watch.

I want these images ingrained
in their heads too.
I want them to be sickened
at the condition of the human
race who profits from this

I won't describe the images.
But I will say that even in
the direst of circumstances,
they are still horses.

Formed of the breath of God.
They are still noble. Beautiful.
Obedient. Willing.

Unless they are already
among the fortunate dead.
Death is better than
what many of the pictures detail.

This must be our year.
We must do whatever it takes
to take this obscene, rank,
pitiless and heinous industry
off our roads.

Tear down the feedlots.
We must prop each other up.
Some will be strong.
Some will be terrified.
Some will never look at
another picture of a horse
on it's way to slaughter.

I get it.DR. R.: I GET IT.
If not us, then who.
We have to make this stop.
We must witness
for these creatures of whom
Joe writes this morning:

"It is the two injured thoroughbreds which keep me awake. Not that any single horse is more important than the next. But just imagine. You are groomed and pampered. Treated like a million bucks. And in a race at Golden Gate Fields you hurt yourself. The next day you are standing at a feed lot in Wilton. A week from now in Canada you are butchered alive. You would think racing fans would wonder what happened to you? But not really."

Joe's concrete heart still beats.
It still sorrows. It still teaches,
and saves, and pities. I can follow
him through the fog.

Joe going to Manny's feedlot
to groom horses awaiting the meat truck--
horses he could not take home--

That image will always be with me.
Along with the Animal Angel's
documentation of broken horses
on their way to death in MX or CN.

Please help us.
The 111th Congress is awaiting its debut'.
And they have terrible issue
with which to deal.

But I think--I know--that we have
a human being in the White House,
for the first time in decades.

I daily offer prayer to God
for his family's safety.
For his safety.
For him to have the courage to keep his promises.

This is the year we will be heard.
God has seasoned us all this time.
We will be Barbaro Warriors.
We are ready. We are armed.
It is time.

Posted on ABR December 3, 2008 3:12pm by: jonna skehan. Permission granted to repost.

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